1.Vocal Mix
2.Instrumental Mix
3.Moby Mix
4.Cement Mix
Release Info:
Released as a CD and 12" vinyl on March 12,1996 in the UK by Virgin Records.  Vinyl also
released in the US. There is also a version that contains only the first two tracks.
Notable Names:
1979 written by Billy Corgan. Produced by Flood, Alan Moulder, and Billy Corgan.  Tracks 1,
2, and 4 remixed by Roli Mosimann. Track 3 remixed by Moby.  Design by Frank Olinsky and
illustration by Erika Alonso..
Recorded(when and where):
1979 was recorded at Chicago Recording Company during March-August 1995.  The remixes
were done sometime in early 1996 but the locations are unknown.