17 seconds of compassion
17 seconds of peace
      behind which all is created
17 seconds to remember all that is good
17 seconds to forget all your hurt and pain
17 seconds of faith
17 seconds to trust you again
17 seconds of radiance
17 seconds to send a prayer up
17 seconds is all you really need
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November 1997-March 1998
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Song Secrets:
-dUP You can hear shuffling things in the middle of the song. 
Other Info:
A 17 second piano studio version of the song known as "Blissed and Gone".  Above is the
poem that is at the back of the Adore booklet that suggests that it is a tease of the song,
"Blissed and Gone". It has been spectulated that "Blissed and Gone" will be either a b-side
on one of the upcoming singles or that it may be on the next album and was originally
thought to be called "Need" by fans who heard the show at The Viper Room during January