It has been long time coming, even for this article and this issue of Mediaflash. I thought of the idea shortly after
the announcement of the break-up of the band. Basically, I wanted to bring some of my fellow webmasters in the
SP Online Community to tell you about :what will become of our sites, what other web projects we're working on
(if any), and what effect the news of the break up has had on them. Enjoy.
                                                                                                             David Pukin
Part 1: Q&A with Dave Asselin ;Interviewed by David Pukin
 What will happen to your site now SP has broken up?
DA: It will stay up, as a reference, if nothing else.
What web sites/projects, if any, will you be doing?
DA: Probably a Constantinople discography/cross reference.
And depending on how involved in music the other members
stay, I may track their musical output as well.
How has the news of the break up affected you?

DA: Not very much. I knew it was coming. All good things
eventually come to an end. Besides, I've talked to Billy
about what he wants to do (can't talk about it though),
and it sounds intriguing.
Part 3: By David Pukin
It has been 3 and 1/2 years since Steven and I
began "Landslide" and we have no intention to stop
working on it now. It was a decision we made when
we first heard that the Pumpkins broke up. We still
have the drive to do the site and not let it fade into
oblivion like many of the other SP sites in recent
history. I look forward to keeping the spirit of the 
band's music alive that are staying for the ride.
As for other web sites and projects, during the
summer I began working on the foundation of a
a Garbage web site. For the venture I joined up with
my friend, Aaron Grant (Webmaster of Siva). Since
we couldn't do it alone, we tried to enlist some of
our fellow Garbage/SP fans to help us out. A few
people were able to help us out on some arrands but
the workload was still overwhelming. This was after
several attempts on the different message boards
and mailing lists to find some webmasters and
people to submit to the site. Once school started, 
it all be became an issue of time as well. Suffice it
to say, the site has yet to see the light of day.
It's kind of complex the way the news of the break
up affected me. Interestingly enough, I met a fellow
fan, nicknamed Imploding Ed on May 23rd. This was
before the break up announcement. We discussed
the prospect of the band releasing EPs instead of
albums. I thought it didn't sound like them to do
something like that. We also had this nagging feeling
that the band was going to break up due to the 
muted response to Machina. Not to mention that
many of the lyrics on the album seemed to suggest
the end. Shortly after I got home, I read the news
on the net. The past year alone has been an
amazing year. All the great experiences I have had
with my fellow fans from Toronto to Winnipeg to 
Vancouver to Chicago and back. I will surely miss
The Smashing Pumpkins.
Part 2: By Aaron Grant
Siva is going to evolve into something new most likely... 
everyone knows after a while you get bored with a site,
so lately I've been trying to create more community
based areas of the site i.e. and now also I'll be developing some parts of As for Siva, the actual content part
of the site, I will be trying to complete all the information
on the site and leave it as a reference until some solo
project comes out. I will also focus the news part of the
site to promote the new solo project from either Billy
Corgan or James Iha.
The news of the break up has only slowed down the new
content of the site, obviously. Although personally it's a
blessing for me, since I'm coming up on my senior year of
college and Thermodynamics and Fluid Transfer haven't
been too forgiving on my time ;)

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