Since the release of Adore back in
June, there's seemed to be a fan
backlash against it. Comparing sales
to Mellon Collie and the Infinite
Sadness, it seems to have been a
commercial failure only going platinum
compared to Mellon Collie's 8 times
platinum status. It's hard to
understand exactly why the album has
sold so poorly. The main reason seems
to be misconceptions about the album.
Many believe that because Billy Corgan
said there would be "electronic
elements" on the album, that he meant
techno. Adore is far from techno, I
assure you. Many also won't give the
album a chance because it doesn't
have the layers of distortion guitars
that Mellon Collie, Siamese Dream, or
Gish had. If that's all they liked about
Pumpkins songs, then why don't they
just play SP songs themselves on 
an electric guitar and put it on a tape
for themselves, so they can get rid of
that "boring" stuff like lyrics. I mean
if you really appreciate music for its
whole composition, then you would at
least give Adore a chance. I think
some people should realize that the
Pumpkins are doing what they've
always done, changing and growing as
a band. Would you rather them put 
out one album after another that
sounds exactly the same. That would
be boring but the "commercially right"
thing to do because that's exactly
what the record companies usually
want; a formula that keeps on putting
money into their pockets. Have some
confidence in the Pumpkins, this is a
great record, don't abandon them
because it's not another Mellon Collie.
In an interview with CNN, Billy said,
"By this point they should have enough
faith and confidence in us. Just like I
have confidence in bands I admire. If 
they don't- then they're not fans." In
the same interview, D'arcy and James
expressed the fact they "had to
change" or they wouldn't grow as a
band. I say kudos to the Pumpkins for
sticking to their ideals, and making an
excellent album, with great writing.  
A must buy! I've said my piece, till 
next time.
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